StelCrete Industries supports vital wind energy project


StelCrete Industries worked closely with Niagara Region Wind Corporation (NRWC) to create precast concrete wind turbine tower segments for installation in the Niagara Peninsula Region of Ontario.

In June 2015, team members travelled to Enercon GMBH facilities in Emden, Germany and Zurndorf, Austria to learn the Enercon process of manufacturing. Each tower stands an impressive 126 metres with each wind turbine reaching a maximum height of 176.5 meters or 586 feet. The total registered electrical generation capacity of the NRWC project is 230 megawatts.



Many of the parts used for the windmills have been crafted from reclaimed and recycled products like aluminum and copper.  The steel sections of the towers are fully recoverable and recyclable, and with a shallow foundation, the environmental footprint is reduced.

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